***Exciting News***

We are launching our very own Elite Wellness Club.

Are you looking to stay on track with your weight loss, fat loss, improved energy, confidence, lean and tones body? Join our community club every Wednesday evening for about 30-40 minutes.


This new club is designed for Elite members and non-members to get even more value from their relationship with us.

What is involved?

The Elite Wellness Plan

With the Elite Plan you eat real foods that give you all the goodness your body requires whilst dropping those extra pounds and reaching your health goals. We’ll help you to make healthier and smarter food choices, giving you all the information you need.

The Elite Coach

Need motivation? Your Elite Coach will be with you every step of the way to make sure you get the motivation you need – no matter what your goal is. Each week, the group will have a specific topic to share and discuss, and the coach will be on hand for you to ask questions. We make sure you achieve the weight loss, lean and tightly toned body you deserve!

The Community

Feeling overwhelmed, nervous, or just unsure? Don’t worry, chances are that you’re not the only one. Other members of the meeting will be there to share in your journey – the setbacks and the triumphs – so you can support and inspire one another.

The Measurements

We have a private room where we can take your measurements each week, helping you to keep track of your progress. An Elite Coach will be on hand to explain your results in detail and discuss your route forward.

The Tools

Get started on the road to a healthier lifestyle with access to online tools and motivational videos. Plus, you’ll get access to our nutritional advice and meal planners, and our private Facebook community for extra motivation, even when you’re outside your meeting.

The Cost

The Wellness Club is open to Elite members and non-members.

Elite member – You are an Elite member if you are signed up to a monthly subscription for one or more of our services. As an Elite member, the Elite Wellness Club is included in your subscription.

Non-member – There is a £20 joining fee and 3-month commitment at £6 per week. We request a 3-month commitment because consistency is key: you need to stay on the programme long enough to get results.

Still have questions? Call us on 01285 239283.