Lady Anne Evans

I was introduced to Mac in May 2007, by Annie Robinson (weakest link presenter), and I have never been fitter, stronger or faster!

Mac's bespoke programme for each individual produces real, quantifiable results whatever the goal, for the serious athlete to the individual needing weight management or rehab after injury. The training effect is further enhanced with up to the minute advice on nutrition and supplements together with access to a network of physiotherapists, masseurs etc. as needed. All of this I have found invaluable. Personal Training is a fantastic investment in oneself and value for money and time.

Each training session is different from the last and is at the right intensity to produce constant progression and results, with the added bonus of looking and feeling better than ever! Each session is fun, no matter how tough. I always leave feeling empowered and good about myself!

Variety and cross training creates balance, strength, stamina and avoids injury. I am a 50-year-old woman with four teenage children, including a set of twins and a full busy life. For me, fitness is two-fold: being fit for my life and investing in my future health, but now also seeing how far I can push my fitness levels.

I guarantee, age is not a barrier to success! I can now run 5km in 24.5 minutes and with Mac's help and support, I know I will get even faster!


When I found Elite I was bouncing back and forth between different exercise plans and fad diets. I was totally confused by all the different information on both nutrition and exercise and all I was doing was gaining weight and losing confidence.

It got to the stage where I wasn’t going out because I thought I looked horrible in everything I put on. My energy and confidence levels were at an all-time low.

I met Mac at Elite and it was such a relief to finally talk to someone who made sense. I have never felt less self-conscious talking about my health, fitness and goals with anyone – very quickly we identified where I was going wrong and I embarked on the 21-day kick-start programme. The 21 day is an amazingly easy-to-follow nutrition plan with exercise routines provided and some brilliant advice and support was given and I am now 5 kg lighter. I never expected such great results in such a short time not only I’m 5kg lighter I have reduced my body fat by 3% and have more energy than I have had in years and have enjoyed a lovely evening out with friends feeling fantastic – all this in 21 days!

I am definitely going to keep up with all the changes I have made, including going to the fitness classes. It’s not faddy or even a restrictive diet, it’s a lifestyle change that makes sense – and a difference. I owe so much to Mac and Matt at Elite, they are always there for help, support and motivation and I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone who wants, and is ready to, make a change.

Sarah Gunn

I first came to see Mac in September 2010 with the goal of qualifying for the age group GB team in triathlon. I had already been taking part in triathlon races by then for two or three years with some success.

I first came to see Mac in September 2010 with the goal of qualifying for the age group GB team in triathlon. I had already been taking part in triathlon races by then for two or three years with some success. However, I wanted Mac to help with both strength training, which I had never had before, and also to put together a training plan to enable me to compete at a higher level. And so began a journey which resulted in a bronze medal at the European Championships in Turkey in 2013, and 25th at the World Championships (9th in the GB team) in London in September 2013.

Qualification could have come earlier had I not broken my ankle early in 2011 and, despite fracturing a metatarsal the night before the first race of the season in 2012, I got my place in the GB European Championship team in July that year! I saw Mac twice a week, for an hour, for strength and conditioning work, which developed my core and muscles in areas that would improve my overall performance in the three disciplines of triathlon. Each work out was varied although endless squats seemed to dominate every week! The programme I followed complimented the seasonal pattern of my training plan, which Mac had put together for me. I took on board his advice on nutrition to reduce my body fat percentage and was regularly measured and the results recorded. Even now I still abide by the advice I have been given and have a greater understanding of food types and how best to eat for my given sport. I was able to reach a body fat percentage of around 11% and see a great increase in the amount of lean tissue. There is no doubt this resulted in better bike times and more consistent run times too as I was stronger and leaner.

The time I had each week was invaluable to me to be able to talk over any training issues, race plans and preparation, to glean any insights into what would improve my overall performance. Mac was a mine of information. Moreover, he helped to build my self-confidence and belief that my goals were realistic and achievable. The two sessions each week were the foundation of my weekly training around which everything else worked. It was a good motivator to have that each week especially when the weather was so bad in the winter, but I knew I still had to keep to my training plan however gruelling it felt or when I really doubted my ability. It was really wonderful to stand on the podium in Turkey with the bronze medal in June this year with my daughter watching and two other British triathletes next to me. It was far more than I imagined I would achieve.

But actually I really wanted to qualify for the World Championships to be held on home turf in September in London. Something I may never have the chance to do again – which is what every triathlete in the UK also thought! So qualification places were like gold dust. After the British Championship in Liverpool I was thrilled to have earned my place. Mac put together a seven-week pre-race programme, which I followed almost to the letter in a bid to do as well as I could on the day. The occasion was itself unforgettable. 2500 triathletes from around the world competed in the standard distance alone, which I was racing in. We were lucky to have sunshine and huge crowds to support us. Our bike route took us past iconic sights of London and the run around Hyde Park was just the most amazing experience as people cheered for the team. I was so pleased to finish 9th in my age group, an indication of where I stood in the rankings in the country and very proud to wear a GB tri-suit! For me it was the culmination of three years work in partnership with Mac so huge thanks to him for his invaluable input and support.

Katie Forde

Boredom always stops me exercising but with Mac you get a different programme every time. He works you hard but is very motivational so you find yourself rising to the challenges he sets you. Of all the things I've started over the years, my session with Mac is the only one I haven't given up. I would recommend Elite Health & Fitness for a good habit to keep. All the best Katie x

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