With this exclusive one-to-one service, you will get personalised exercise, diet and lifestyle guidance. These training sessions will make sure you get the advice and support you deserve.

Tone and Tighten

Our personal training sessions are designed to help you lose weight, firm up your body and create tight muscle tone. Whether you want to fit in to your old jeans or you just want to boost your confidence, these one-on-one sessions will help you achieve all of your body goals.

Improve Your Strength

Lifting weights can be a little intimidating at first, but we’ll show you the right exercises and best form for building up your strength. You’ll be carrying all the bags of shopping at once in no time at all!

Health and Wellbeing

Your personal training plan will not only get you fit, but it is also designed to improve your health and wellbeing. From getting all your necessary nutrients to improving your flexibility, strength and stamina, our regular sessions cover everything you need.

Nutritional Overhaul

You’ve tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Atkins – now try something that really works. With our in-house nutritionists, we will look in-depth at your current food intake and make small but effective changes to get you looking good and feeling great!

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