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10 Reasons Why Strength is Important in Your 50s and Beyond

I see so many people each day getting fabulous results and every client is rewarding, but none more so that our older clients. It’s such a great feeling to see individuals improve their quality of life by gaining more energy, moving more freely, and being able to keep active with the grand-kids and in the garden. These are all things we take for granted when we are younger, but over time things do become more challenging. This process can be slowed – and in some cases reversed by a number of years – with a bespoke strength training and nutrition plan.

Keeping your strength up is super important at any age, but it become especially important in your 50s, 60s and beyond. If you fail to maintain your strength, you can run into a number of common problems that elderly people experience. Here are 10 reasons why strength is important in your 50s!

You will live longer

Studies suggest that exercise will help you to live longer. Elderly people who exercised regularly were actually found to reduce their physical age by around five years. Nice!

You’ll manage your weight

It becomes more challenging to maintain a healthy weight as the metabolism slows as we age, so we all need to eat less as we get older. If you pile on weight, it can cause all kinds of health problems, and put pressure on your joints. Keeping up strength with exercise will make it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

You’ll look younger

Looking younger isn’t the be all and end all, but it can certainly improve your self-esteem and confidence. By strength training, you will keep body fat low, muscle tone high, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, you’ll likely look and feel much younger than your real age!

You’ll improve pain

If you have pain symptoms now, you can expect them to get worse as you age. That is, unless you begin strength training. Exercise has been proven to reduce the symptoms of chronic pain, although many people falsely believe that it makes it worse! Exercise can be more effective than medication for managing certain types of pain (though check with your doctor).

You’ll fight off illness

Not only does strength training improve chronic pain, it can also help you to fight illness and disease in all forms. You will strengthen your immune system, and become less likely to even catch a cold. You’ll also lower your blood pressure in the process!

You’ll keep joints and bones healthy

Keeping up your strength by training correctly will allow you to lubricate your joints and strengthen the muscles surrounding them. As a result, this will keep your joints healthy and strong. Not only that, you’ll strengthen your bones, which is crucial when you are getting older! Weaker bones break more easily. Don’t let it happen to you.

You’ll feel better

Many people find it difficult to talk about mental health, but it is becoming more common in older people due to loneliness and isolation. Building up your strength with exercise can help people to feel better. Not just because of all of the benefits above; you’ll also increase the ‘feel good’ chemicals, endorphins. Plus, you’ll enjoy a serotonin boost after an exercise session. Exercise, combined with these hormones, helps to combat depression and other mental health problems. Who knows? You might just meet some like-minded people in your gym. Socialising is important as you age, and exercise is a wonderful way to do that.

You’ll be able to function better in everyday life

Strength will allow you to function better in everyday life. If you don’t stay strong, then things you take for granted now, may become impossible, as you get older. You will be able to continue carrying shopping, looking after grandchildren, and enjoying your life with ease.

You’ll remain mobile for longer

How do you imagine your later years? Are you walking around just like you are now, using a walking stick, or perhaps in a wheelchair? By keeping your strength up, you’ll stay mobile for much longer! You won’t need to rely on a cane or anybody to push you around.

You will remain physically independent

Nobody wants to become weak and unable to do things for themselves when they get older. Do you want to be able to wash yourself, or have a nurse you barely know do it for you? By keeping up your strength with regular exercise, you can remain physically independent, doing all of the things you do for yourself now.

There’s no reason to resign yourself to an old age of becoming weak and unable to care for yourself. Inactivity is often the reason that elderly people become weak and feeble. Put simply, use it or lose it! The decline in old age is not a given. You can age and still remain fit, trim, healthy, and strong.



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