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STOP! Procrastinating...


the procrastination cycle

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing tasks or projects. People who procrastinate may find that they put off things that they should be doing, even though they know that they will be better off if they do them. This can lead to feelings of guilt, stress, and frustration, as well as difficulty completing tasks and achieving goals.

There are many different reasons why people procrastinate. Some people may do it because they are afraid of failure or success, while others may do it because they are perfectionists and feel that they can't start a task until they know they can do it perfectly. Still, others may procrastinate because they have difficulty with time management, organisation, or prioritisation.

Procrastination can also be a symptom of other underlying issues, such as depression, anxiety, or ADHD. In such cases, treatment of the underlying issue may help to reduce procrastination.

never never comes

One popular theory is that procrastination is a form of emotional regulation. According to this theory, people who procrastinate may use delaying or postponing tasks as a method to cope with negative emotions such as anxiety or fear.

Whatever the reason for procrastination, it's important to be aware of the problem and take steps to overcome it. Some strategies to help overcome procrastination include setting clear goals, breaking tasks down into smaller, more manageable steps, using a calendar or to-do list, and finding ways to hold yourself accountable for completing tasks.

It's also important to be kind to yourself and to remember that everyone procrastinates from time to time. Don't beat yourself up if you slip up and find yourself procrastinating. Instead, focus on the steps you can take to get back on track and keep moving forward.

If your procrastination is significant and impacts your day-to-day life, it might be wise to seek the help of a therapist or counsellor. They will help you to understand the underlying cause of your procrastination and teach you effective strategies to help you manage it.

If you would like some quick and useful tips on how you can get going and be on track to banish procrastination I am happy to send you our express guide that we make available to all of our clients.

I hope you find simple ways to stop procrastinating with exercise and diet and get great results and action.


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