By sharing your training with up to four people, you get the benefit of a strong support network, fun group exercises and reduced costs. You each get a training and nutrition plan tailored to you, but can work towards a common goal as a group.

More Motivation

By training with a small group, you can enjoy encouragement and support from like-minded people. Keep each other motivated through our fat-burning workouts and celebrate each other’s successes!

Take on the Challenge

Semi-private training is fun and challenging! With up to four friends, you can push each other to beat your maximum number of reps or achieve a record amount of weight loss between you.

Improve your Flexibility

Unlike large group classes where you may feel confused or left behind, we can spend time showing you how to execute exercises properly, limber up and achieve flexibility that you never thought possible.

Cost Conscious

Training with a group of two to four people means that you can spread the costs between you. You still receive personalised training and nutrition plans, but you also get the benefit of a budget-friendly fitness option.

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